Omplant wireless prosthetic screwdriver
         The OMPLANT prosthetic screwDRIVER  has been designed with the dental implant professional in mind. 
         Dr. Boaz Hetsroni is the innovator and CEO of Omplant Ltd. with 30 years of experience in the field of dental implantology.
         Main features and benefits:

         Easy access to any implant location (distally tilted/deep gums..) 
         In/out quick changing direction – takes seconds for a full screw  insert-removal
         Wide open view of treatment area while holding the device.
         Find-catch –release method of screws from / to an implant or multi units along with the Organizer is very convenient.
         A universal device to all implant systems
         Avoids parts from falling in patient mouth-the driver tip adheres to the healing/abutment screw
         A single hand operation: the organizer creates a centralized all in one work station for the the screwable components.




     The story

     Omplant dental prosthetic screwdriver was designed to respond to the need of dentist around the world spending a considerable part of their time handling implant            components inside the patient mouth. With easy access to posterior implants the device takes or release the prosthetic parts in seconds        and avoids accidentally parts falling …swallowing. Compared to a hand driver only 50% mouth opening is required . 


    Endorsement by hospitals and clinics

    Omplant drivers are used in hospitals and clinics around the world. [list of clinics and hospitals]

    Manufacturing and quality

    Omplant is designed, tested and manufactured in Israel. It complies with FDA clearence and CE mark.      
    The factory has iso9000 and iso13485.  2 years of warranty and full professional support is given at all times



   Warranty and spare parts 

    Please read the manual instructions before initial use.
    The Omplant Driver should be used only by skilled professional dentists. Delivering screwable parts into patient mouth require carefull           attention as with hand drivers. Liability is limited only to the value of the product being purchased.
    The Omplant Driver is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date of               purchase.(6 months for the latch head) The Omplant Driver maintenance includes alchohol wipes (the plastic body) and  lubrication
    of the latch head(only latch head can be sterilized)
.   Warranty terms and conditions


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