Testimonials from opinion leaders

"The Omplant dental screwDriver is fantastic,I use it every day,and I believe the instrument is brilliant"
... my secret for successful clinical practice"

Dr. Leonard B. Kobren, DDS, American College of Prosthodontists Education Foundation Past President, NY, USA

"This unique device offers greater control, convenience and a huge improvement in patient safety
Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz DDS, FACP    Clinical Professor of Prosthodontics ,  New York University College of Dentistry

"I love this dental screwdriver and I use it daily, with a very positive feedback"
Dr. Peter S Wohrle, DMD, MMedSc, CA, US

"The Omplant Driver is a high spin invaluable tool that saves time and effort, for safe management of prosthetic components. The only problem is that If you get 1, you will want to get 2, then 3...won't ever take the risk of being without it"
Prof. Alex Fibishenko BDSc (Melb), Practice Exclusive to Dentofacial Implant Surgery, Key Opinion Leader and Educator, Melbourne, Australia
"A great and wonderful invention for the clinician with incredible ergonomics and function. The Omplant dental implant screwDriver advantages include safety,comfort and speed , thus is highly recommended to all implant practitioners "
Dr. Paulo Malo, DDS/PhD ,CEO Malo Clinic , Lisbon , Portugal

"The more I use it, the more I cannot do without"
Dr. Stefano Gracis, Prosthodontist, DMD&MSD, Milano, Italy

"The Omplant dental screwDriver is an excellent tool for an office that is busy with implants cases .It is convenient and safe to use. Very effective for posterior implants, especially multi unit cases" .
Prof. David Kohavi , Prosthodontist & Periodontist, Manager Dental Implantology Center Hebrew University ,Jerusalem

"A great screwdriver for the implant practices. Avoids parts dislodgement, saves time in the prosthetic treatment and is very comfortable for the patients ".
Prof. ( NYU) Ady Palti ,Chairmam IAOI , DGOI , Germany

"The Omplant electric screwDriver is a comfortable and very useful system for initial manipulation of implant screws.The best indication covered by the device is the posterior jaw and here especially cases with limited mouth opening"
Prof. Liviu Steier , Prostodontist & Endodontist - Warwick medical school ,England

"The best purchase ever in my clinic ! A super cost-benefit value !...A must for dentists as well as dental technicians...Ingenious invention with perfect ergonomic and method.."
Dr. Muller Eithan , DMD

"Can't live without your product now even one day..."
Dr. Kay Yuen Leung , DMD (U East Phil, state board cert- Calif.) Kowloon, HK


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